The Balance Procedure

Trainer Jacqueline Seddon brings The Balance Procedure to Nottingham
March 18, 2014
Symbols for the day…
March 20, 2014

The Balance Procedure

Jenny and Alan believe the metaphysical concept that we ‘create our reality’ and the external world serves as a mirror that clearly reflects what we believe about ourselves and others. Viewed this way the world can teach us about aspects of ourselves that we can’t see.  Identifying these aspects and  believes that we no longer need we can now transform them using ‘The Balance Procedure’. Jenny and Alan sincerely hope  that they  can share their passion and enthusiasm for The Balance Procedure (TBP) a unique relaxation multidimensional tool they have created.  TBP is an evolution of their own life’s, work, spiritual beliefs and practices.  As both Jenny and Alan are practitioners and trainers of a variety of therapies for a number of years, it is only natural that their own findings and experiences would lead them to adjust the ideas and techniques they have studied to relax and balance the mind body and spirit into what they find works simplest and most efficiently, allowing us to create to our highest potential; TBP is relaxation in action, it is easy to learn and simple to do, enabling us to find a new freedom in creating the life we want.


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