The Balance Procedure Trainers Training 2014

Bristol … Balance Procedure Level 1 workshop
September 29, 2014
Trainers Training Google+ Hangouts
October 13, 2014

The Balance Procedure Trainers Training 2014

Brilliant day yesterday at The Balance Procedure 2014 Trainers Training … THANK YOU ALL … Adrienne Green, Angela Stubbs, Diane Rayson, Drew Ryder, Strike A Balance, Alison Cook, Nicola Dobson, Sue Bell, Dawn Mutter, Diane Maxwell, Joyce Waring, Maggie Skinner, Carla Dickerson, Elinor Mary Thomas, Jacqueline Seddon, Narinder Moore, Karen Ablett, Donna Nash, Caroline Spiritualdogtrainer, Amanda Collins, Helen Metcalf, Glynis Foord, and Lorraine Dolan … Year 7 of the Balance Procedure – The Art of KNOWING xxx

IMG_3746 Trainers 2014 IMG_3748 IMG_3756 IMG_3763 IMG_3767 IMG_3769

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