Symbol of the day – The Art of Visualisation

Symbol of the day …
February 23, 2014
Symbol of the Day …
February 25, 2014

Symbol of the day – The Art of Visualisation

Symbol of the day is the indigo trapezoid with the orange star … the art of visualisation, it allows us to see clearly in effect letting us see the ‘whole picture’.  Using this symbol with intention we can attain greater command of our lives and respond with enhanced awareness and sensitivity to the ‘command’ of our spirit.  When balanced it opens our psychic abilities and our understanding of archetypal identities, which are ancient universal patterns of behavior that are embedded in what Carl Jung called the ‘collective unconscious’.  They are in a sense ‘psychic’ blueprints.   It is only possible to live the fullest life when we are in Balance and harmony with all the archetypal identities.

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