Symbol of the Day …

Symbol of the day – The Art of Visualisation
February 24, 2014
Learn The Balance Procedure with your Dog ….
February 26, 2014

Symbol of the Day …

THE ART OF CLARITY .. Yellow triangle & Violet star..encouragers open mindedness and inquisitiveness to explore all possibilities. The triangle directs our attention upwards, as though towards the sun and the attainment of knowledge and wisdom. It is also connected to our personality it transforms the belief ‘I can’t’ to the ‘I can’. When balanced the personality’s energy gives us clarity of thought, inspirational ideas and increases awareness. Focus on the triangle when you need to be open and spontaneous, authentic and honest. It has a powerful effect on left brain operations such as reading and writing, stimulating the use of words and imagination. The triangle symbol enhances our ability to perceive and understand.

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