The Balance Procedure Introducing the New App

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April 7, 2019

The Balance Procedure Introducing the New App

Hello may name is Jenny Cox, I am the author and creator of the Balance Procedure,

I am really excited about my new App, it has taken six months to design and develop, with a whole lot of balancing.

The App is available on Apple and Android devices, I have posted the links below.

Play Store Android Devices

Apple Devices

This is a quick introduction  explaining some of the main features The 1st feature tells you the purpose of being in a balanced calm positive relaxed state on a consistent basis.

The next feature is the Guidance book – where you can find lots of information there are 52 pages

You can read all about Alan and I –

The Individual symbols and their meaning – and how to balance them, you may then want to choose a symbol for the energy you need today.

Sometimes I choose my LP number/ personal year number or Zodiac sign – intuitively the one I am drawn to. Today I am drawn to the Art of Transformation – which is my PY number 8.

Also on the App are instructions on how to tune the symbols

A Welcome video

A link to the website

A link to the Events Accredited workshops talks and demonstrations.

A link to the FB Community group – Everyone invited to join the group to share experiences being in Balance and up to date information

A list of Approved Trainers who teach workshops, offer one – to – one sessions, and who also give talks and demonstrations to local groups, schools and business’s.

I love the App, I use it daily –
when anyone asks me ‘What is the Balance Procedure….I say it is A powerful energy technique that keeps you calm relaxed and positive, then I give a quick demonstration using their birth sign or it maybe the first colour that comes to mind – the App keeps it simple

Let me know what you think.

Play Store Android Devices

Apple Devices

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