Intentionally creating my day…Symbol for the today

Let the Sunshine, let the Sunshine …
April 20, 2014
Symbol for the day ..
May 4, 2014

Intentionally creating my day…Symbol for the today

Every morning I intentionally create my day, I chose a Symbol card to go on the top of my pack (the energy I need to go forward) … I Balance check to see if I am in alignment with my intention using the 9 Balance Procedure Symbol cards.  I Balance if I need to.  Creating my days with intention this way I live the life of my chosen choices… Everything is a possibility …

From the emptiness comes forth your dream, through the power of clear intention, through the wisdom of equanimity and compassion, through right action that builds and brings things to clear conclusion. These three building fires exist within each of us, as spirals of energy ever moving, ever bringing forth the fruits of our intention and desire. – Dhyani Ywahoo

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