Happy New Year … Resolutions in Balance

CONGRATULATIONS Maria Welch from Preston our newest Energy Practitioner
January 15, 2015
February 7, 2015

Happy New Year … Resolutions in Balance

Happy New Year everyone.  After many years of setting resolutions and breaking them a few days later I am glad we have The Balance Procedure as it enables us to stick to them more easily, I would like to share how I set my resolutions. I believe the best way is to start slowly, by doing your Balance check, next do your Balance for the day and finally bring in your resolution Balance. My suggestion when setting resolutions is we continue with our daily Balance and find a way of seeing our resolution by visualising, feeling getting as much enthusiasm and passion behind it as we can.

In my own case I have a fitness challenge coming up in June and during my daily Balance I close my eyes and see myself being successful, slimmer, fitter etc. The main point I am trying to make is I want to take the detail out, if I start focussing on doing extra miles, extra classes I could start to get frustrated and I may procrastinate. I find by Balancing on the feeling of being fitter etc enables me to get excited and have the enthusiasm to do what I need to stick with my resolution. Find your own resolution and achieve it by balancing!

We also have Resolutions or visions on how The Balance Procedure is developing, it’s in year seven now which to me means more of a feeling inside where I am completely comfortable in all the practical things we’ve created. The App/Android, the trademarking, the new consultation form and the accreditation we have here in the UK and now Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. The Balance Procedure is truly becoming global! With all these things now in place we have a recognised, powerful and fun way of living life to our highest potential and the feeling deep down that it works, I am completely comfortable sharing The Balance Procedure with everyone. I truly believe 2015 is going to be our best year yet and with many more people coming on board all of us have the potential to be extremely busy and successful this year and into the future.

When using the numerology section of TBP Jenny and I share the same life path and personal year numbers, however Jenny’s birthday comes before mine and as she moved into her year 3 personal year she had another aha moment. Year three is about learning and doing something new and this year Jenny qualified as celebrant, with my year 3 coming up soon I am happy to be her assistant and we can’t wait to get going. If any of you have a celebration coming up, be it a wedding, baby naming, hand fasting or funeral please let us know. We believe incorporating TBP into our celebrations will bring a whole new depth to any occasion as life is a celebration and what better way is there being in Balance with every occasion.

BALANCE all your new year resolutions and don’t forget to post any interesting experiences you are having on the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/thebalanceprocedure/?bookmark_t=group and all your other social media

All the Best Alan

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 12.47.32 NEW SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING WORKSHOP…

The use of social media and other internet strategies is another innovative way of sharing The Balance Procedure and already some trainers and practitioners are doing this. We are excited to put on a New Social Media Marketing workshop. For several months Jenny has used social media’s FREE platforms to teach The Balance Procedure with a great success rate. Using social media will assist you in boosting your profile, showing others you are an expert in what you do. We feel this workshop will benefit all our practitioners and trainers who presently are inexperienced using social media, however this training is open to everyone who wants to learn more about promoting themselves and The Balance Procedure.

The workshop is at The Holiday Inn London Road Coventry on Sunday 22nd February to book your place


We are excited to be returning to Cambridge to run a level 2/Practitioners workshop at The Express by Holiday Inn on Sunday 8th February
For details of this and all the other workshops we and our Trainers are presenting please visit http://balanceprocedure.com/workshops/

ONLINE Training
If you live abroad or are unable to attend a practical workshop Jenny or one of our many Trainers are offering online option you can follow, Jenny is becoming a real expert in Google+ and will easily show you what you need to do to partake in her many trainings, these workshops are becoming more and more popular so book up early to guarantee you place.

Email jenny@thebalanceprocedure.com

if you would like to refresh your learning and have already attended a level 1 workshop you are welcome to join us on
Sunday 28th June Holiday Inn London Road Coventry CV8 3DY …

REFRESHER level 2/Practitioner Refresher …
If you have a attended a level 2 workshop or are a qualified practitioner in the Balance Procedure and would like to learn about all the new developments or would like to complete your case studies to become a qualified Energy Practitioner in The Balance Procedure you are welcome to join us on
Sunday 8th February at The Express by Holiday Inn Cambridge

BOOKING REQUIRED FOR REFRESHER  http://balanceprocedure.com/shop/refresher/



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