Free Social Share & Symbol for the day…

Celebrating our 40th wedding Anniversary ….
April 5, 2014
Presenting & Demonstrating … The Wirral & Birmingham
April 11, 2014

Free Social Share & Symbol for the day…

Everybody is welcome to this free event 10th April at 1.00 … (click link to register)

I am really excited about it because I will be learning something NEW… as it ‘s just what I have been asking for … a greater knowledge of all the wonderful new technology…
My symbol for today is  the red square with the turquoise star which symbolises the Art of Independence and courage – a knowing of who we are, what we want and embodying that.

‘A time to focus on the red square energy is when we are matching our passion with our vision or when old ways no longer work for us and we need to get out of our comfort zone and experiment in new ways-a birthing of the new. This energy activates the natural leader and pioneer spirit within us; it is the energy that guides our first steps into anything. Red square energy is fiery and passionate and loves to initiate everything. It is the motivating force within us that pushes us into action with passion to create to our highest potential.’ (The Balance Procedure Universal Symbols page 22)

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