CONGRATULATIONS - You're getting married ... starting off your life together is an exciting adventure;

At the Balance Procedure we offer you the opportunity to create the Wedding Ceremony of your dreams ...  The day is yours; use us to inspire you to have the day you dream of in the way you want to have it.   You, with our guidance, will write your vows and choose your music, that is meaningful to you both.   We will work closely with you to ensure that the love you feel for each other is caringly and tenderly portrayed in your ceremony.

Creating a personalised wedding ceremony is what we are devoted to achieving. Unique ceremonies filled with love, passion and romance carefully put together to ensure the day runs smoothly are our commitment to you. Wherever you want to hold your ceremony, whatever time you want to have your ceremony, whatever you want to say during your ceremony, we will be with you each step of the way.

Your day will be a meaningful and memorable occasion that will be all you have wished for ... and more.


Traditional ceremony


There are many rituals that have lasted centuries that symbolise a couples love and commitment. The handfasting ceremony dates back to the time of the ancient Celts. It was used to acknowledge the beginning of a trial period of a year and a day during which time a couple were literally bound together - hand fasted. It was however a temporary agreement which could be made permanent after the trial period if both parties agreed.

Nowadays, the handfasting ceremony is only used symbolically, as marriage is  a lifetime commitment. The bride and groom’s hands are joined together, usually holding hands so the wrists and pulses are touching, with a ribbon or symbolic material looped over the bride and groom’s wrists and tied by the celebrant,  

The words spoken usually express that the couple are bound by their love and commitment for one another and like the cord, which has two individual ends, they are two individuals. Yet, in essence, they are one.

The bride and groom usually remain joined by the looped ribbon until after the wedding vows are exchanged.  The final tie being done loosely so the ribbon/s can be removed easily while still remaining tied.


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For marriages to be legally  recognised in the UK, you will need to obtain your marriage certificate from the local registry office, before or after the Ceremony.


All Registrars offer a little-known service called “Statutory Registration” which provides you with your certificate only and currently costs approximately £50.

A registration will comprise  of the couple, two witnesses and the Registration Officers conducting the legalities. The registration will take place in a designated room at a registration office.  You will not make ring vows or have music or readings.

Please check with your local registry office and be specific that you require registration only and not the ceremony.