Welcome a much-loved baby or child into your family with a bespoke naming ceremony.

An alternative way to welcome your child …

What’s in a name?

The naming of your child is one of the most important decisions a parent has to make. A name gives a child an identity and provides a sense of belonging to the family.

A lovely alternative to a Christening, ‘A Baby Naming Ceremony’ it is a beautiful and unique way to welcome your new child into the world. Parents, Siblings, Grandparents and friends can state their promises and give their wishes for the child’s future.

The ”Naming Ceremony” is designed to meet the individual needs of the family and provide a dignified and formal opportunity to celebrate the birth and welcome your child into the family, also to announce their name to the world and explain the meaning of it, you will make promises to nurture and support your child into Adult life and choose ‘Friends and Family’ to also promise a special supportive relationship for the child

Naming ceremonies are not just for babies. Children of any age can have a ceremony and you can, if you wish, include your other children as well as your new child. A Naming Ceremony can also be used to celebrate adoptive and/or step children into your family and to announce the new relationship.  A baby naming ceremony is a purely celebratory affair with no legal bearing.  It is an increasingly popular alternative to the more traditional services, it doesn’t follow any religious rules and focuses on the relationship between the child and the parents, rather than welcoming that child in a faith.

The Naming Ceremony  can be held anywhere; it may be a simple ceremony in your home or garden, or, a local beauty spot, or in the middle of a bluebell wood…

We offer an open minded, stress free alternative to creating your perfect ceremony, working with you as a family and adapting to whatever feeling or mood you want to create, it may be relaxed, formal, adventurous or a mixture of everything! But it will be a ceremony which is created by you.


I am happy to discuss ideas for the ceremony and to suggest material such as poetry readings, vows of commitment etc. My fee for compiling and conducting the naming ceremony is currently £150.00 + travel expenses and accommodation if needed Email info@celebrantjennycox.com