Being in Balance ….

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October 14, 2014
October 28, 2014

Being in Balance ….

I believe we are the creators of our reality …the world is our refection of how we think and feel … when we see everyones power, success and authenticity and being intentional creators we are in Balance … there is nothing outside of us that is not inside of us .. energy is neither good nor bad. We influence the world with our thoughts words and actions … I have taught and practised many many modalities for Equilibrium/Balance they all work … I have found the most powerful one for being in Balance is the Balance Procedure – I use it daily on EVERY aspect of my Life. My motto is ‘practice what you teach’ and the Balance Procedure s the one only I teach. If I am not seeing and receiving what I want I ‘BALANCE’ focusing on what I do want, in my relationships, the world, my body, my creativity …EVERYTHING … no blame no shame

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