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August 15, 2014
Symbol of the Day…The Art of Transformation
September 1, 2014

Balanced People Create …

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Hi everyone hope you are well and in Balance… it is being in Balance I want to highlight this month. I have often wondered why after purchasing the symbol cards and book many of you forget to use them, also there are many trainers and practitioners who complete their training and appear to drift away from The balance Procedure (TBP).
Jenny and I were at a conference in Westcliffe on Sea last weekend this was the second year we have attended, I was talking to another attendee who bought TBP cards and book last year and I asked her was she using them. When she said she did use them for a number of weeks but got busy doing other things. I remembered at last years conference I had spent some time asking her what her vision for the future was and on asking her what had she got busy doing it turned out to be exactly what she had envisioned with me. The main thing she wanted last year was to meet new friends, get out more and get a more interesting job all these things have come her way new boyfriend, job etc. but without her connecting this with her being in Balance.
On our Facebook group we have many of you sharing the things they are doing such as starting new businesses, keep fit regimes, loosing weight, creating better relationships and jobs etc.
I wonder would all these things happen if you weren’t in Balance. I know most of you recognize being in Balance is the way forward but it’s worth remembering when meeting up with those who seem to have fallen away to ask them are they getting what they want and to remind them how powerful being in Balance is.
Jacqui one of our trainers is a brilliant example of this, Jacqui is a fantastic trainer who has presented many workshops and Balances every day. She has a passion for design and when she decided to create her own design company everything fell into place very quickly and her designs are becoming very popular. Jacqui is very creative and shares her work at craft fayres and also on social media, to see her designs visit
As the headline of this newsletter says Balanced People Create…
Narinder another fantastic trainer was Balancing for an opportunity to travel abroad and share TBP and as she balances daily was contacted by a person in Spain who was running a retreat. You can read Narinders account on

I would like to THANK everyone who is practicing and sharing being in Balance with the Balance Procedure, you are ALL much appreciated. Jenny was especially thrilled with the young people who had been using the Balance Procedure during their exams … their results refected this.

And finally as I mentioned last time Jenny is a newly qualified Celebrant and will be conducting weddings, funerals and a host of other celebration ceremonies. I believe this is also an example of being in Balance so you can take action with anything that comes your way. Jenny believes being in Balance is a prerequisite for everything she does, her writing, her art, her Nordic Walking, her teaching and learning …
We are looking forward to sharing being in Balance with all the Ceremonies we will be doing..

There are quite a few workshops being offered in September please check out our for the full list Jenny and I will be running a level 1 workshop in the Wirral on Saturday 13th September and in Bristol on Sunday 28th September. We also have a level 2 in Birmingham on Sunday 14th September.

There has been a lot of interest in Jenny’s online training courses and these are open to all whether you are new to TBP or you need a refresher to kick start yourself, This past month Jenny has trained people in the USA, Mexico, Australia and Europe and not forgetting all you in the UK. The Balance Procedure is truly becoming Global.

at The Cambridge Spiritualist Church on Tuesday 9th September at 7.30 presenting and demonstrating The Balance Procedure …

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 13.49.27
Trainer Jacqui Whiteman

5th October 2014
Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 13.37.16

Trainer Narinder Moore

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