Being in Balance with Everything….

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July 14, 2014
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July 31, 2014

Being in Balance with Everything….

logo Jenny & AlanWELCOME to the latest newsletter from The Balance Procedure it’s been a busy few weeks for Jenny and I and I am pleased to have the opportunity to share what has happened.
We believe we create our own reality and what happened a few weeks ago really confirms this. Jenny and I were discussing we would like something new to do and it being good fun and work it in with The Balance Procedure. The next day we received a Facebook post with a friend of ours conducting a wedding ceremony and Jenny immediately announced ”I want to do that!’ my first response was ‘what get married again?’ No I want to conduct weddings she said. I then went into my usual role of finding ways to prove she couldn’t do it, we couldn’t afford it etc., you know all the normal responses, not Jenny she wanted to conduct weddings so started to Balance on it being possible. I started to research being a celebrant and found out the friend on Facebook ran his own training centre offering courses in being a celebrant in weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies, renewing vows and much more, his workshops were fully booked. I started to explain all this to Jenny and her response was lets both of us ‘Balance” on what we want! “Something new to do and it being good fun”. Within a few hours we received a call from our friend who explained one of his trainees had cancelled and if Jenny would like to take her place she could do so and yes Jenny is now a Celebrant and we are looking forward to starting this new chapter in our lives. We are now looking forward to conducting BALANCED celebrations all over the UK and beyond, please let us know if you are interested in booking Jenny as your Celebrant.
Looking back on this I am amazed how quickly everything changes when we Balance I will also have to stop trying to find ways of blocking it and to Balance as a first response to everything.
This month I also had a challenge to face, although I assist Jenny on all of our Trainings I hadn’t ever presented a workshop by myself until a few weeks ago in Birmingham. Jenny had to pull out at the last minute and it was up to me to get out of my comfort zone and present my first level 1. After Balancing for quite a long time I settled down, turned up at the venue and surprised myself how much I enjoyed it and from the feedback it seemed all the trainees felt the same. “Phew”.
We have also been busy presenting talks and workshops in the Balance Procedure and are always looking to be invited to new and exciting places, we are Balancing at the moment to being invited abroad to the USA and other destinations and if any of you have suggestions we are open to offers.
The online Google+ trainings are going really well and Jenny is quickly becoming an expert in this exciting new way of presenting TBP workshops. Some of the exciting results so far, we now have our first trainer in the USA, we have another practitioner in Spain and two Australian ladies have completed level 1 and are planning to attend the next Practitioner training …the Balance Procedure is going Global.
Some of our trainers have some brilliant NEW ideas they are working on which I will share with you next month.

Online Refresher Training
Tuesday 22nd July to 9pm
Thursday 14th August 7pm to 9pm
Thursday 18th September 10.30 to 12.30
Wednesday 15th October 10.30 to 12.30
Cost: £25.00
Let me know which session you would like to attend when you book
Live online training is an easy, interactive effective way to refresh your knowledge and learn about new developments. Our online courses are engaging, convenient and excellent value for money. It gives you the flexibility to join live sessions from your home so you don’t have to worry about travel. Live online workshops are available in palatable 2 hour modules. It’s easy to take part, once you’ve booked, we’ll send you an email confirming your booking and providing joining instructions

Balance Workshops can be found on the website
Balance Videos

Trainers Training
Become an EXPERT in The Balance Procedure (TBP) join us on the next Trainers training …Jenny has been a teacher for many years and her mantra is “to teach is to learn”
By qualifying as a Trainer you will find that teaching is the quickest way to improve your skills with The Balance Procedure.
The Trainers Training is the highest level you can attain in this unique technique and we will show you on the day how you can inspire and encourage your students in a powerful and professional way. You will receive all the materials you need to run level 1 & 2 practical workshops… lesson plans, powerpoint presentations, certificates, lamented books and cards and much more, in fact you will have everything thing you need to start teaching the very next day.
All you need to bring is your passion and enthusiasm… enjoy teaching, have fun, share knowledge.
Pre-requiste you will need to have an Energy Practitioner in The Balance Procedure qualification.
Venue:The Holiday Inn South, ?London Road Ryton-on-Dunsmore CV8 3DY
Date: Sunday 5th October 2014
Cost £150.00
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